A note from our founders:


Hi there! It’s been a little while since we started on this journey, but really it’s been a lifetime in the making. We wanted to pop in and share our story and our vision for the road ahead. 



On winter’s eve, in a little apartment in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Le Bon Shoppe was conceived over good food and conversation between old friends. We met while working together and have many years of experience in the fashion industry. Similar to Daft Punk, Sia, and Banksy, we stay out of the spotlight and let our creations take center stage.

Le Bon Shoppe literally means ‘The Good Shop’. And eponymously, Le Bon Shoppe is intended to be a one stop shop of good products, that make you look good and feel good.



The core reason for creating Le Bon Shoppe was and still is to create those everyday pieces that seem so simple and easy to wear but are hard to find! From the perfect sock to the perfect tee, all of our pieces are forever staples that become your uniform. Offered in the most beautiful range of prismatic colors and the comfiest fabrics, we are devoted to only producing products that bring you pure joy. The pieces that compel you to choose them over and over again. The pieces that you want in every color. The pieces that never go out of style. This is the piece that you have been searching for all your life, and when you find it you never want to let it go! This is the feeling we have when we wear Le Bon Shoppe. Truly everything we make is what we as designers and lovers of clothing want for our own wardrobe. Being able to make our dream closet into a reality and share it with all of you is the most rewarding part of what we do!



Having been on the manufacturer’s end of the fashion industry we wanted to produce our garments and socks in a more intentional and curated way. We produce a limited quantity of pieces at a time that is carefully calculated so we can sell everything we produce before making more. This means we don’t carry overstock! And unlike most fashion companies we don’t create the prolific waste of producing excess quantities just to meet quotas or drive sales. Our goal is not to be a super famous brand sold in every store in the world, instead we want to make just enough for everyone who genuinely loves the product. We let our customers dictate the rhythm of our production cycles. We always listen to your feedback and bring back the styles and colors that you love when you want it! 



Unlike fast fashion which is ephemeral in both quality and style, slow fashion products are made to last the whims of trends and the wear and tear of time. It is a lifestyle that means making a more conscious choice to consume less, and consume better by choosing companies and quality products that are meant to last many seasons.

Even more, we do not follow the traditional never ending seasons of the fashion industry. Caught in a never ending grind of meeting self-conceived deadlines and launch dates, factories are placed under high pressure which can compromise integrity and lead to burn out. We are flexible and compassionate with our factories and value all those who have a hand in making all things Le Bon Shoppe as people first. We give ourselves ample time to restock and don’t sweat it if things don’t go according to schedule!



In the age of influencers, and flawless photos, we love real and raw collaborations. We have zero paid promotional content or marketing. All of our collaborations are with cool people like you who happen to love Le Bon Shoppe! Our marketing strategy is authenticity. Those who love us will find us!



We don’t offer seasonal and promotional sales or discounts. We want our products to be accessible to those who love it. We want you to be able to collect all the styles in all the colors. We want you to be able to come back to us again and again for those staples that need a restock. Because of this we are offering the best price possible. You can have peace of mind to buy our products on your own timeline, because you love them and when you need them, instead of waiting for the next flash sale or a promo code in your inbox. In addition, you can enjoy a Le Bon Shoppe free inbox as we don’t overload you with emails and sms’s multiple times a day, and only send out the occasional restock announcement!

On another note, as an e-retailer we are so grateful for our partnerships with all of our exceptional brick and mortars. Most of these shops are independently owned and fashion pioneers in their communities. Since we ship globally, we do not want to offer a more competitive price than our patrons. We want our customers to support these small shops and visit our products in person whenever possible!


Cheers to many more years of making good stuff,

Le Bon Shoppe